Organization House of Mana, Together for life

The Organization MANA is a new non-profit initiative, based on the personal experience of one of the founding members faced with breast cancer and its victory in her battle with the disease.

Through this personal path, many difficult issues were identified, which severely affect women in the quality of their everyday life.


Some of our Activities

Psychological Psychosocial Advice & Support

To strengthen her psychology, her positive thinking, and the return to a harmonious relationship with herself.

Nutrition Advice

Nutritional advice adapted to the special need of each woman and the establishment …

Face & Body Care Services

We offer services such as beauty treatments, professional make up and wigs among other treatments.

Physiotherapy Advice & Support

Will help restore the body's mobility of a woman who has already undergone a partial or total mastectomy ...

Physical and Mental exercise programs

To offer tranquility and peace of body and mind helping the healing process.

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