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Yoga Sessions

Yoga classes, pilates and other physical and mental exercise programs To offer tranquility and peace of body and mind helping the healing process ...
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House of Mana

The Organization MANA has created a place called the “House of MANA” which is appropriately equipped in order to support and provide specialized care to women that have been diagnosed with breast or any other form of gynecological cancer. The goal and key elements that characterize the “House of MANA” ...
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Soap creation courses

Handmade, gentle on the skin soaps made with organic olive oil! This is what the ladies of MANA are learning to make with the help of our lovely volunteer Mrs Ariadni Gatzoudi Korisavva. She comes especially from Thessaloniki and gives the ladies of Mana a few hours of relaxation and ...
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House of ΜΑΝΑ
10, Rigillis str. 10674 Αθήνα
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