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  • Ariadni Gatzoudi Kiorsavva

    Manufacturer of natural homemade cosmetics

    My name is Ariadni Gatzoudi Kiorsavva and I live in Thessaloniki.For the last five years, after a course of thirty years in the family business in the food sector including catering and cleaning, I decided to make my dream come true, to create natural homemade cosmetics.
    Pure fresh cosmetics with authenticity, simplicity and all-time value, based on wisdom and the knowledge of tradition, which inspire us and can be applied in today’s world with surprising results.
    My approach to The House of MANA was a spontaneous decision motivated to touch the interest of the friends who visit “MANA”, in order to start creating their own natural cosmetics and soaps, for their own personal pure body care.
    I believe and support activities of voluntary groups that bring out and highlight positive and hopeful messages.
    In the current era of technological explosion, we can manage to live on “without killing ourselves” with the chemicals that industries “bombard” us without caring about our health.
    There are natural ways to offer our body the nourishment it needs to “live like a healthy human being”.

House of ΜΑΝΑ
10, Rigillis str. 10674 Athens, GR
T: +302107295546
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