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  • Dimitra Moustaka

    Modern dance Teacher, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

    I have always felt the urge to offer my services to people in need of care and support. Thus, when I read the relevant article in the Woman magazine, my decision to become a volunteer at the MANA Foundation was instant.
    Since ancient times, dance has been used for therapeutic purposes. So, my goal is music, in combination with movement, to become our “cure” – as we get carried away by the rhythm to forget our problems.
    As far as Pilates is concerned, it is a method of body and mind training, where the mind activates the body, and the body induces a state of euphoria and feeds the mind. Since it is also called “The Art of Control”, what we seek is that, during the training session, the mind only focuses on the specific technique, so it brings some peacefulness from the chaos and the spate of thoughts.
    As for spiritual healing, I cannot say much. It is something everyone experiences in their own way, as long as they let go themselves with confidence in the universal energy, which balances the energies and forces within us, bringing us peace and tranquillity.
    I am familiar with the fear of the “bad illness”, as my own mother has also faced it. I, thus, wish to say to all these women that they are not alone – “WE” is more powerful than “I”, fighting more effectively and sublimating pain into optimism and strength.

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