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  • Elena Apostolakou

    Pilates matwork & props Instructor

    A graduate of the Pilates Academy of AF Pilates Method Alliance as a professor of pilates matwork, props, Reformer I, II & III, Candilac, Wunda chair / high chair & pilates barrel (Spider corrector / arc barrel) .
    Specialized in empowering people with musculoskeletal problems, injuries, the elderly as well as in the training and empowerment of women with breast cancer and any form of gynecological cancer.
    The strength that everyone has to control his own physical condition is enormous. This strength arises as soon as we consider our body an integral part of our creative mind as the development of the pilates method rests on the balance of body, spirit and soul.
    I teach group and individual Pilates classes at the largest Pilates studios and gymnasiums in Athens.
    I have attended training programs related to Anatomy, Diane NYE and Katia Vasilenco’s Pilates ground, pilates reformer on the mat with Peter Kouroupapi, prenatal pilates with small ball and tennis ball pilates with Katia Vlisidis and Katerina Soulele, pilates ground with therabands, magic circle with Georgia Kissa and breast cancer recovery with pilates with Alexandra Russoopoulou. I have also attended seminars involving athletic injuries and pilates recovery.
    Facebook: Elena Apostolakou pilates instructor

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